Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our Weekend . . .

We had a great weekend, although a little busy. Little Sophie was here until late this morning when Mom and Dad came to get their baby girl. I almost cried as I watched their reaction when they came in the house. Little Sophie wasn't quite sure she was seeing right - she would look at me and then them, me and then them, me and then them as if to say, "Is this REAL, are they REALLY Home?"

I took a video on my phone -

Last night, my sweet sister had a surprise party for her husband's 44th Birthday. Katelyn and I took photos . . . it was really fun. I want to share a photo that I absolutely love.

This photo is of our sweet nieces and their dog Lucy "dressing up" at the Photo Booth. They had such fun.


Today we finished the install of our new window solar shadings.
First our piano room:

Next our library:


We did receive snow over the weekend as well, 6.4" or so. We are expecting another round of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. So many people complain about the snow and I simply smile. I feel that if you choose to live in an area that gets cold temps and snow, it really shouldn't be a huge deal. Although, I do have a solution for you . . . head to the south in the winter.

Stay warm all!

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