Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Girl's Birthday Evening

. . . and she turned 21.

Yesterday, as you may know, was Katelyn's 21st Birthday! In fact, she told me it was her best birthday yet. 

Pictures from her Birthday:

We began our late afternoon / evening by going to one of our favorite restaurants. The Mozzarella Cheese Sticks are divine and devoured quickly by our boys.

The owner knew it was Katelyn's birthday and treated our entire family to a HUGE dinner. Talk about surprised! We were served so much yumminess! Bluegill with butter, beer battered cod, coconut battered cod, fresh fries . . . oh my goodness! Then we three adults were treated to a Guiness, Irish Creme Shooter. It was so delicious. 

We had already ordered prior to finding out about our Birthday Treat, so we had them keep the order in and box it up to go for today.

So many NEW 21ers go out on the town with their friends to "live it up", however our girl told several of her friends that she would rather not get hammered. That's my girl! Anyway, Randy and I had told her long ago that we would take her for her first official adult type drink. She decided to order a Cranberry with Bacardi Rum. It was tasty (she gave me a lil' sip). 

 Katelyn with her little Guiness Shooter (she thought it was cute).

Evan is all smiles after his appetizer.

 Ooops, caught Daddy by surprise.

 Katelyn is checking out the menu.

 Ryan loves the rootbeer.

I caught Cameron off guard too.

Cody ate all of his appetizer.

 Katelyn with her Cranberry and Ryan is photo bombing!

 My water with lemon and Kellehers version of a Margarita.

Katelyn took a sip and didn't care for it. Can you tell?

It was a lovely evening . . .
we took our time and then ventured out into what had become 
a snowstorm to head home.

 Cody helped me to wrap Katelyn's gifts.

 Camera Bag and New Camera

A therapy mitt for her sore wrists and hands.

 Gifts from the brothers -

I had a picture of EJ, but it blurred badley.

Katelyn was thrilled with all of the Birthday Wishes from family and friends. She loved each of her gifts. 

So hard to believe she is 21. 

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