Sunday, February 23, 2014

Grumpies, Spring We NEED YOU

I am thankful this weekend is coming to a close. Today has not been the best day in our home . . . it was full of the GRUMPIES!

It began with our oldest son and his negativity toward his brothers. He decided to get "into" each of their business and express his opinion over if what they were doing was being done right or wrong. I corrected him twice and then decided it was time for him to sit down and do his school work.

Katelyn caught the grumpies second and was grumbling about this and that. I asked her to stop, but it was too late . . . Randy caught the grumpy bug. We were trying to install a beautiful cornice in our library to go with the new blinds, needless to say in this instance we did not work well together. After that I caught the grumpy. 

I am thankful the three other males in our home stayed clear of the grumpy bug! However they have been a bit trying this weekend which helped those grumpies along.

Yesterday I headed to the main floor and found three of my boys doing a "gross science lab" on the floor of the family room. I generally don't mind them doing something they can learn from, except that they didn't ask and they were doing it on the wood floor of the family room. In their defense, they did lay down a towel on the floor to "try" and protect it. The real kicker, when they saw me heading down the stairs they immediately began cleaning up. Randy and Cameron walked in as I was explaining WHY they should not have had the "lab" in the family room and WHY they should have asked to use it first. Cameron looked at the boys and asked how the experiment turned out but quickly said "never mind" after I shot the MAMA look at him. I have to commend him  . . . he has learned what the MAMA look is and decided the outcome of the experiment was not important at that moment.

Our library has drawers for dvd and blue-ray storage. I try to keep the videos by Genre, not by title for easy locating. Imagine my joy when I opened up a drawer to find no less than 15 movies without a case and no less than 10 cases without movies - none of them matched. I decided to go through each drawer to tidy things up a bit . . . this took over an hour even though Katelyn and Cameron helped. Needless to say, until the boys can learn to put the movie back into the case and to the drawer from which it came, our library is off limits to them. 

The boys are learning in other areas and I am thrilled. Cameron has taken it upon himself to wash dishes. I questioned it at first, but he really does a good job. Ryan has begun cleaning up after the dogs and duck without grumbling - a "Christmas type" miracle. The other two boys try their best to get out of chores and helping. They tend to disappear when things need to be done. I try to encourage the "everyone help to make lighter work for everyone" but it doesn't always work.

We have had some really great weekends . . . this one, well not so much. I know everyone has this type of weekend here and there . . . it just wears me out. I really think we are all ready for some fresh air, warmer temperatures, sunny skies and time outside!

Come on Spring WE NEED YOU!

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