Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What a Day!

Today was one of THOSE days . . . 

  • The boys fussed with one another continually.
  • I had a nasty headache.
  • The oldest boy told me his room was done and Daddy ok'd it 
  • Found out Daddy didn't o.k. it . . .
  • Chores were ignored
  • Momma became irritated
  • Daddy was really grumpy 
 Well, we all headed upstairs to go through Ryan's room, it was NOT clean and tidy. 

  This momma kind of growled a little . . .

Katelyn handed me Apollo, the Bearded Dragon. She crawled off of me and onto the bed . . . toward Beckett and Mia.

Mia immediately moved and Beckett really gave Apollo the look before moving away from her. Apollo is so spikey looking!

The closet and chest of drawers is all organized and tidy.

Christmas Vacation, PLUS our snow days ended with Four Boys with clean, tidy and organized bedrooms.
Now . . . The kids are taking baths and heading off to bed.

Katelyn and I are going to catch up with NCIS!


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