Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Adventures of Finnigan in Pictures

A week ago we received Finnigan's stretchy duck leash and harness. Today, Finnigan went on his second lil' walk around the yard. We are keeping him close to home because our neighbors caught this guy in their back yard . . .

Yes, you are seeing correctly, Mr. Coyote. Our neighbor reports actually seeing two in her yard one day. We are being ULTRA cautious with our Boys, Furry babies and Feathery babe.

Back to Finnigan . . .

The weather is beautiful today, so Katelyn took Finnigan out for a little walk. He started his little walk in the front yard.

Whew, the snow is a little cold on the flipper feet! Did you know the ducks have little "heater" type feet? Finn's feet get very warm!

Now, this is more like it!

 I am "beautiful" and I know it! Doesn't he look like he is smiling?

Beautiful sky!

Back to the cold stuff on the way to the back yard.

Cayuga and Mallard ducks are swimming in a little clear water at the base of our yard.

All of the Cayuga ducks are there . . . Aidan, Higgans, Drakan, Moche, Jinx and we can only guess that Sullivan and Herridan are there as well.

Hang on guys . . . as soon as I figure out HOW to get out of this contraption I will join you!

 Or . . . not.

 Sorry Finnigan, your legs don't let you join in on the ice.

 Besides Finnigan . . . someone has said, "Finnigan is not a duck, he is a PEOPLE with feathers!"

 Katelyn and Finnigan . . .

 Doesn't Katelyn's shirt look like she is a Cayuga duck too?

Poor Finnigan . . . guess he will have to go back inside and endure the love, fluffy beds, fireplace, all the food he wants, television - yes, he watches, warm soaks in the tub and plenty of snuggles.

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