Thursday, January 16, 2014


The week is almost at an end . . . it is a welcome thing! The boys are grumpy at one another and have been for days.

This morning I took the bitty girls - Sophie and Beckett to the Vet for shots and a normal check up. They are both doing great and weighed 4.8 - Sophie and 3.6 - Beckett AFTER breakfast.

My January 16  has been kind of strange . . .
  • Through the night Emma barked on and off.
  • Weird dreams.
  • Finnigan was being all lovey - I gave him a little kiss on the end of his bill and he snuggled into my nose. I tried to give him another kiss and he nipped my upper lip. Shamie duck.
  • It rained a little, snowed a little
  • I received a smaller kennel for the duck so Seeley Booth can have his back. I received it today and it had several extra parts and ZERO directions for assembly.
  • My Lysol spray came up missing from my tiny little bathroom at work. I was not happy.
  •  The boys consistently wanted to CHAT with me during their schooling. What is up with that?
I am thankful my day was not bad . . . strange is o.k.

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