Monday, January 6, 2014

Storm and

The past several days we have had a Winter Warning in place. First the Snow - our City received 9.4 inches. Then came the arctic blast - temps around Minus 15 and Wind chills of Minus 30 - 45F. As I write the actual temperature is: -10F and wind chill is -32F. Baby it is COLD out there.

Our home is warm and the furnaces are doing a great job - of which we are thankful!

A few pictures:

Drifting Snow

The winds are crazy -

The little birdhouse is wire tied onto the hook and it has been swaying as far as it can back and forth.

Stillness . . .
Frigid . . .
but still Beautiful. 

Inside, my Christmas cactus is doing well.

Randy is busy plowing.
I am thankful for his "talents".

Schools in the area are beginning to announce they are closed again tomorrow, which is no surprise. It is simply too cold out there.

This morning two of the boys and I spent a little time watching:
 One of our favorite shows!!!
 I think today might just be a day for a Mayberry Marathon!!!


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