Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow Storm and Prep

The Winter Storm Ion has arrived in Central Illinois. The snow is falling and we are to expect up to 8" of snow . . .Randy said he heard it could reach a foot. We shall see.

Randy did bring the truck with plow home as well as the smaller piece of equipment with the plow. He is all ready for whatever we receive in the way of snow. 

This picture was on Facebook today. It was the snowstorm of 1978 in our area. I remember a little of this storm . . . I was 14 years old. A week or two after the storm, the snow wasn't quite as deep, we were going down this road when our car hit a slick spot and we spun around in circles and ended up on top of the snow on the side of the road. Mom had me climb out the window and walk to a nearby bowling alley to call my dad for help. It was pretty memorable.

Anyway . . . in preparation for the Winter Storm - Several inches of snow, blizzard conditions and then subzero temperatures with wind chills 30-45 degrees BELOW zero:
  • We have plenty of food and other supplies
  • Our generator will turn on immediately should the electricity go out. 
  • Randy brought home the truck with the plow and the Bobcat tractor so he can plow us out. He also has a list of family and friends he plows out too. 
  • The boys added  extra straw out by the duck houses so they will stay warm. There is no way to catch and house them as they will get away and then be stuck out on the ice. So, we simply give them what they need to keep themselves warm.
  • Vehicles are fueled up in the event we need to get out. 


Finnigan the duck is enjoy life and doesn't have to worry about the cold. He was laying by the fireplace tonight staying nice and toasty. Once he was done, he headed off to the laundry room at the other end of the house where his kennel is. He walked right into the kennel and laid down. He never ceases to amaze me.

Just in case you missed the Duck Picture of the Day - check this out:

 He got up there himself - right on top of me while I was trying to nap. He wiggled his little feathered hiney right down into my leg and sat. I truly believe he thinks he is either a dog or a people.

Well, it is already tomorrow . . . time for me to head to bed. G'night.


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