Sunday, January 12, 2014

Man Food? Yuck

I hope your Sunday is God Glorifying and Happy. Our day has been pretty slow - which is very welcome in our home.

This morning I took the time to do a little ordering - Randy needed new underwear and long sleeve - order done. The guinea pigs were down to one bag of food - order done. Dog food, dog treats and floor cleaner - order done. I absolutely LOVE online ordering . . . it makes life much easier.

This past week, I have restocked our pantry . . .

I love our pantry . . . especially when it is full and a little overflowing.

Randy went to the grocery store the other day for a few odds and ends . . .
He came home with this . . . NASTY fake meat! He loves it, I gag when I smell it cooking. Man "food" I guess.



Tammy said...

People can post pictures of their new furniture, electronics, phones, clothes, and I'm like 'that's nice' and off I go. BUT post pictures of a full pantry and I am totally ENGROSSED, lol. I have a food storage board on Pinterest and I have a lot of pantry pins......they are my total favorite. I'm weird. I know.

But it is fun to see that you guys love EmergenC and pure Maple syrup like we do......we use the Maple syrup in Parker's blenderized diet for easily digestible extra carbs........AND you use honey! My parents allow a gentleman who is a bee keeper keep bees on their property in trade for honey. He sells his honey all over the world. I'd LOVE to send you some this Fall. It is sooo amazing.

Now.....where are your cabinet doors? :D

Julie said...

Tammy, our pantry is a complete room with door. No need for cabinet doors . . . makes easy access.

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