Friday, January 3, 2014

Lego, TOTS and

Friday night in Central Illinois . . . We are under a winter storm watch as of right now. The temperature here is 21 degrees, but the wind chill makes it feel like 4 degrees. According to the weather people we are in for a FRIGID weekend into Tuesday. Temperatures are supposed to drop to MINUS 16 with wind chills of record setting MINUS 30 - 40 degrees below zero! We are also expecting 4-6" of new snow.

To say the least, we will definitely be staying inside. If the temps actually go as low as predicted we even may close the office on Monday and possibly Tuesday. We certainly don't want anyone to get stranded in those temperatures!


Tonight was a relatively calm evening in our home. We chilled out for a little while and then decided to work on Lego building. Cody and I worked on one box of his Legos and built three masterpieces.

Beckett is a little blurry and a LOT static-eeeee

After a bit of building and a little supervising from Beckett I decided a lil' treat was in order.

Of course, the male nose KNOWS the smell of food in the oven . . . so, down to the kitchen came the troops. I guess no one can resist the smell of freshly baked TOTS!

Our work continued until all three projects were built . . . it took a while, but it was fun and Cody appreciated my help.

Ryan even stayed at the table with us AFTER the Tot Treat! Woo Hoo!

Meanwhile, Katelyn and the duck were in the Family room . . .

Apparently, Finnigan thought Mia's suitcase bed should be shared! The fireplace had been burning, so this little spot was SO Warm and Cozy!

Be safe and stay warm!


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