Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Home School

It is only Tuesday, but it feels more like a Friday . . . it has been a long week with the kids and their schooling. I am frustrated a bit. The boys (three out of four) have deemed this "mess around week" and don't think it important to do their school work. Momma does not allow "mess around week" and insists their schoolwork gets done. 

People have asked me about how WE homeschool the kids, so I thought I would post about it for those interested.

The boys are enrolled the Abeka Academy Home school, and I cannot say enough good about it.

Here is how it works - for us:
  •  Each of the boys have their own desk and computer with ear buds. 
  • Each grade has its own Teaching Manual, Teacher Quiz Answer books, Teacher Test Answer books, Grading Scale and instructions for each grade for the school year.
  • Each grade also has the Student textbooks, work pages, quizzes, tests and reading books.
  • The Teacher manual lists the assignments for the day and homework.
  • The boys each log onto their computer and then the Abeka Academy web site for the student.
  • Once logged on, the subjects list the Lessons the Child is to complete. Bible, Math, Language, Reading, Spelling, Penmanship, History, Science, Health, Art
  • The child listens to the day's lessons with the Abeka Academy Classroom. A Certified Teacher teaches each lesson and then the student completes the seat work and home work. If there are tests, the student takes the test with the video students. It is all very interactive.
  • After each lesson for each subject is completed, I like to have each child "check out" for the day. Each of the boys will bring their work to the "teacher" (which is myself or Mrs. P) who will go through each subject in the Manual and match the daily work turned in.
  • If the child needs help with a subject paper or doesn't understand something in the assignment, Mrs. P or myself are there to help.
Home School allows for the customization of a subject or learning style to meet the needs of the child. I know where my kids lack and we work at addressing it so they understand fully. In our Home School, I choose to follow the Abeka Academy Manual so we are sure to not miss anything.

For the most part, I highly recommend Home Schooling your children. However, there are those days that are challenging . . . you simply have to work through them.

Here is a link to Abeka Academy, there is a lot of information and video to show you how the Home school works.



ParkerMama said...

It sounds like an amazing program!

Jenny said...

I started homeschooling my two kids. This is our second year. We started out with ACE but they finished the entire year plus some in 3 months and I really didn't feel like they learned much. So we switched to Abeka because that is what their private school used. Love Abeka! It is so much better. We don't do the Academy. We just have the books and I sit down and make lesson plans. Either myself or my mom are here to help them when they have questions and show them how to do the work. Then we grade their work. It has been so wonderful because we can taylor it to meet their needs!

Julie said...

We Love it too Jenny!

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