Sunday, January 19, 2014


The weekend is once again at an end. The boys are all in bed, Emma is snoring, the guinea pigs are being noisy . . . you get the picture.

Today as we sat at the dining table - after dinner, we had family devotions. It was a very good devotional for today . . .

Proverbs 1:7 
Knowledge begins with respect for the Lord. But foolish people hate wisdom and self-control.

Talking to the boys about respecting God, the all-powerful One who made the universe. Who also made us with all we are - He deserves our love, respect and devotion.

We also read to them, Grace for the Moment - Max Lucado. We discussed The Lord's House. 

Matthew 28:20
"I will be with you always."

We read about David and his words, "I will live in the house of the Lord forever." Psalm 23:6

We discussed the wonderful news that when you love Jesus, He is with you wherever you go. God sees and knows everything about you. God sees the good and the bad. 

Then we paused . . . I brought up one of the questions from the other day that no one had admitted to. I asked "Who" and "Why". Without prodding, one of our boys spoke up and said, "it was me." I was relieved to hear that child get the lie of "I didn't and Not Me" off of his heart. We then reminded our children that when you do something that hurts another by word or action that they should ask forgiveness of those involved. Right then and there two boys asked forgiveness of their siblings and Mom and Dad. They were reminded to make sure to talk to God about it too.

I am thankful for God's forgiveness!

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The Whitakers said...

It is so great that you do devotions as a family! Its so hard to get it in sometimes, but hte things we teach our kids (and ourselves), are things they will remeber and pull knowledge from all their lives. You have such a wonderful family. : ) (And yes I have read the previous post! : )LOL!!) Aren't little and sometimes not so littlt boys, great!! Love, The WHitakers :)

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