Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Finnigan the Duck

Back to school work today . . . I must admit it felt good to get back into the "norm" of things.

I am thrilled the weather has warmed a bit. We made it through the horrible wind chills. The Cayuga ducks made it through outside in the winter storm. We provided them with shelter, hay and food.

Finnigan is doing very well. He has taken to House Duck life and tends to RULE the roost. Tonight he began by sitting in front of the fire on Mia's suitcase bed . . .

Then after he had his fill of the fire and Mia's bed, he began pacing in front of the couch - back and forth, back and forth. I was laying on the couch and apparently, he wanted up on the couch with me. Silly duck!

Finnigan is displaying quite a few personality traits and how smart he is. I really would never have imagined that a duck would:
  •  eat dog food
  • drink from the dog bowls when the dogs drink
  • share a fuzzy doggie bed with a dog
  • snuggle with a human
  • play
  • quack when the dogs bark
  • jump up and waddle quickly toward the door while quacking when the door bell rings
  • climb stairs from the main floor to the upstairs
  • climb stairs to get a closer look at the fish in the aquarium
  • have his own conversation
  • quack when he is ready to go to the kennel for the night
  • quack when he is ready to get out of the kennel
  • walk from one end of the house to the other and get into his kennel all by himself for the night
  • once in a while, he will antagonize one of the dogs by poking them in the behind with his bill
  • he will also follow the dogs around
  • he is very social

This could have actually been Finnigan in the egg.

 This is Finnigan a few days old. He had spraddle legs, so we applied a regular bandaid the held his legs so they didn't go to the sides too far.

 Three of the six ducklings.

 Finnigan guarding the dog/duck food.

 Finnigan decided to try out the new Cozy Sak. (crazy lighting)

 Checking on the fish in the aquarium.

 Hey you fishies . . . Are you in there?

 Watching other Cayuga ducks on you tube with Katelyn.

Sneaking up on the couch when no one is looking.

 If Beckett can love on Momma, then I can snuggle on Momma's head.

 Momma was resting on Saturday afternoon when Finnigan decided to jump/fly up onto the couch and lay down on Momma's legs.

A sleepy Finnigan. 

 We love him!


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