Thursday, January 2, 2014

Boy Rooms Beware

The day has been long. This morning I was under the impression that our middle two boys' room was ready to be organized - simply putting things on shelves. It was supposed to be an easy and short chore today because one of the boys that reside in the bedroom claimed for two days the room was ready. It was not . . . therefore, our day was long, long, long.

My first course of business in this boy bedroom was to look around to see what was what. 

Then the momma tornado began  . . .

Here are the Facts:
  • My boys do not like the momma tornado.
  • Momma tornadoes are VERY messy.
  • Momma gets a bit grumpy when bedrooms look like tornadoes have hit.
  • It takes several hours to clean up from a Momma tornado.
  • Boys get a bit grumpy from the hours of cleanup.
  • Momma doesn't care if the boys are grumpy from the cleanup.
  • It is a learning experience.
Now pictures - Sorry for the quality - cell phone photos.

 This photo was taken after we had been busy for an hour or so.
After several hours of cleaning . . . it was finally time to vacuum.

 Seeley Booth didn't mind watching Cameron vacuum the bedroom.

 The sheets have been changed, the blanket and comforters are in the wash.

 This momma loves some organization!

 The fishies are happy the room is clean, tidy and organized.

Isn't the organization pretty? Notice that Katelyn tried to get a little something past me! Look at the top of the shelving. All of the yellow bins and all of the red bins . . . they were all sorted by color. I was posting these pictures when I noticed the yellow bin on the red . . . guess who had to go upstairs and put the yellow bin with the yellow bins? If you guessed Katelyn, you are correct! She thought it was funny and wondered how long it would take me to notice it. I noticed it immediately when I saw the photos . . . I have a touch of organizational excellence - some people call it OCD. Yeah, I like all of my labels forward in the pantry AND the toilet paper to go OVER not under too . . . just in case you were wondering.

 I Love the little Duck Dynasty Guys! So cute!

Two days ago we tackled our youngest sons room. It too was supposed to be all done and ready for mom. It too was hit by the Momma tornado.

Here are the pictures:

 The room is still clean today. Beckett is laying on the rug.

We only have one more son . . . tomorrow we will venture into his room. Only then will we know if we will be spending the day in a Momma Tornado. My oldest boy says I won't have to, we shall see.

Now, time to relax.

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Cindy Cain said...

I'm so impressed and thankful I only raised 2 boys 😉 And, So glad you're an Over, only the wisest are 😃

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