Monday, January 6, 2014


What do you do when stuck INSIDE for several days due to the weather?

 NO . . . this isn't an option! lol

BUT this is . . .

Family Game Night . . .

We all gathered around the table to play a new game . . .

and it was a BLAST!

 There was a lot of laughter, a little strategy and plenty of fun!


 Roll the dice - move the little game piece between the letter and chose either the letter on the right or left of the game piece to add it to the "tower". Words gain you points - one for each letter. tIf you knock over the tower three points are deducted from your score.
the first to to 20 points wins.


Is it going to fall?

 Nope . . .

 Daddy is pretty pleased with his letter and word.


Ewwwwwww, that looks like it is going to be tough!

 No problem!!!

 Fun, but a little tricky at time!

  This one is CRAZY!


Ryan is holding our Game Night Trophy, he was the first to 20 points!

Such a goofy crew!


 Finnigan and Daddy . . .

Nibbles, Nibbles, Nibbles

It was a fun evening! 

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