Friday, December 27, 2013

The icks . . .

I sincerely believe Seeley Booth thinks I am the only one that knows what he needs. He comes to me when he is hungry, he comes to me when he wants to play and he comes to me when he needs to go outside. He does not go to anyone else . . . just me. He is not only Beautiful, he is Smart too!
 This photo was taken this past summer.
Oh how I miss the summer! 

I was awaken this morning I was awakened very early by a very miserable little boy. Cody woke with a sore mouth, fever and soon after he began throwing up. He pretty much slept the day away in between bouts of throwing up and getting children's Motrin for his fever. Tonight he seems to be on the mend and even wanted pizza for dinner. I was pretty reluctant to let him have it, but two hours later it we continue to be safe, so hopefully he is on the mend.

Katelyn headed to the Urgent Care yesterday and is doing much better today. The Prednisone, Cherrytussin and Zpac have all kicked in and she is doing much better. I am very thankful it didn't turn into pneumonia.

The other boys seem to be doing o.k. for now. Hopefully, the icks will pass them by as well as Randy and I. My sister Janeie dropped by some grape juice as she said it is a remedy against the stomach flu. Three ounces three times a day . . . we are definitely "into" the grape juice today!

I was using hospital grade disinfectant throughout the main floor today. We were able to finish up the main floor cleaning today - and get almost caught up on the laundry. I love that fresh CLEAN sanitized smell, especially during flu season.

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