Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow, Kids, Duck and TONS OF PHOTOS

A winter wonderland is right outside our home. The snow is so beautiful and makes all appear fresh and new. We were all thrilled to see the snow falling on Friday evening and were so surprised to see EIGHT inches had fallen. Although the weather people say we received a little over 7", we have proof of our 8"of snow.

The beauty surrounds us . . .

 It wasn't long before my boys wanted to head outside to play in the beautiful white. Cameron was with Randy, but the other three headed out back, including Seeley and Katelyn.

 Finnigan was outside for a while too . . . he was watching the kids play. 

The kids were out for quite a while. I am thankful they like the snow so they could work out some excess energy.

Once inside, Finnigan spotted the fish. Katelyn held him up so he could see them. He tried to catch one through the glass . . . Katelyn quoted the movie Nemo, "Fish are Friends NOT Food!"

After everyone was in and warm we started the fire, put in a movie and chilled out with the furry ones. Finnigan loves to be with his people and yesterday was no exception. He found his place in the family room. Before long, eyelids were heavy and we all took a nap, it was lovely.

We had a really lovely day.

 I slept in this morning . . . it was amazing. I headed to the main floor and found Finnigan on his fluffy taking a little snooze.
 The other Cayuga Ducks remain out on the ice and in the tiny bit of water they are keeping open. We are keeping an eye on them and trying to encourage them to walk across the ice and get home. They are stubborn feathered creatures. I am sure they think they are doing what is the safest, but we see things differently. Katelyn and Randy headed down to the property closest to the ducks. Katelyn threw out food for them and they started toward her, but then stopped. She left food for them . . . we will be making this a daily happening since they won't come home. 

Finnigan is definitely a "spoiled" duck. He is adapting to his new life well. He enjoys outside time each day, but then we bring him in at night. He stays in a dog kennel each night. We have left his kennel door open in the evening while he is in the kennel . . . he starts quacking and then comes to the room we are in. He definitely likes to be with "others". 

Yesterday, Katelyn took him on a little duck walk . . .
 He seemed to enjoy himself on his little walk. We are going to have to get him a harness. lol

This morning the dogs were barking because they heard Randy pull in. Right after the dogs barked, Finn Quacked TWICE! We all stopped and laughed . . . Finn is beginning to act like a guard duck!

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