Thursday, December 12, 2013

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Our family has been dealing with the "icks" the past two days. Nothing horrible just headaches and well . . . diarrhea. So I have been home with kiddos and today I decided to make the best of being home. I wrapped Christmas presents. Well, Katelyn didn't have school so, she helped. We wrapped all afternoon and just finished. All of the gifts have been separated by family, work, our family, etc. The gifts that will be traveling to one house or another have been combined together into boxes. I am thrilled to have this done! Christmas vacation will much more relaxing!!!

Once the wrapping was finished, I sat down for a few minutes and put together our Shutterfly calendar for the Year 2014. I make one every year and am thrilled to have it completed. I just have to wait for them to be delivered. Whew . . . another task complete.

My crochet "learning" is going well. I have quite a few practice rows done and I may actually end up with a scarf or something! lol 
I would love to learn to make one of these . . . Katelyn would look so cute in it!

Temperatures have been extremely cold - bitter wind chills too. We are expected to have snow beginning tomorrow night . . . can't wait to see how many inches we get. The kids will be thrilled!

Finnigan the duck has settled in nicely. He kind of rules the roost with the dogs. They are being very nice to him and he is learning that they won't hurt him. 

We have received some of the sweetest Christmas Cards this year!!!
Thank you all so much that have sent them to us!

This is our Christmas Card this year:

 and the back:


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