Monday, December 9, 2013


Today was a typical Monday, off to the office and home school room. The kids are counting down to their Christmas vacation ~ Nine more days of school.

The temperatures in Central Illinois are bitter cold. It is currently 8 degrees . . . and will feel like MINUS 2 by 6:00 a.m. We have a chance of snow on Wednesday.

The Cayuga and Mallard flocks are staying in the little bit of open water at the edge of the larger portion of the lake. We called them to come and eat, but they did not come. 

Meanwhile, Finnigan is getting the "Royal treatment" inside. He has enjoyed hanging out with the kids and following us around. He followed Katelyn for a while. She sat down to work on her homework and Finn lay down next to her chair. He laid there until Seeley Booth decided to "check him out".

Today the kennel pen outside was tweaked. The end panels were open at the roofline and the roof was a tarplike material . . . not safe when there are racoons and fox around. Today those areas were filled in with wire. Tomorrow we will get a chain and lock to keep Finnigan safe from "people." You never know what people will do these days. 

Tonight I decided to make Cheesy Potato Soup. I made a BIG pot of it - so yummy! I did change it up a bit by adding cauliflower, broccoli and carrots to it. Everyone loved it and we have leftovers.

We are enjoying our Christmas lights and trees. It is so relaxing to come home and simply enjoy the beautiful glow of the lights. The kids are loving it too!



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