Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

December 5 ~ My Sweet Momma's Birthday!

 I am so thankful to God above as we celebrate my Momma's Birthday!!!

Mom is turning 70 today! In celebration of Mom's Birthday - 70 things you may or may not know about her.
1.  My Mom is Beautiful!
2. She is a Christian
3. Mom is one of fourteen children
4. She has a servants heart
5. Mom and Dad married when Mom was 17
6. She loves animals
7. Her Birthday gift last year was little Sophie Marie - a Mi-Ki pup
8. Mom is organized
9. Mom has a beautiful heart
10.She is always there for each of her children and grandchildren - no matter what.

11. Mom is a prayer warrior
12. She is a great example to her children and grand children
13. Mom makes wonderful old fashioned bread dressing! Yum
14. Mom loves to shop with Katelyn - they are a riot together
15. She likes to watch old movies
16. Mom supports the grand kids and their sports activities. She is often seen at baseball games.
17. She loves Phase 10
18. Mom carries on the tradition of caring for family graves and travels a few times a year to care for those in the southern part of our state.
19. Mom cares for her family and home with much love
20. Mom is my support system

21. Her nickname is Grandma "Chickie"
22. Mom used to serve in the lunch room at the grade school
23. She is a reader
24. Mom always noticed EVERYTHING when we were growing up . . . like applesauce that was flipped from a spoon onto the dining room wall.
25. She likes storms
26. When we were kids and the storm whistle blew, she would put us all in the basement under a bed and then go upstairs and take a long hot bath.
27. Mom likes to travel
28. She would like to have an RV
29. Mom pampers my Dad
30. She used to sing in the church choir

 Julie, Janeie and Jeanette
Back in the day . . . late 60's
31. Mom writes beautiful letters
32. Always puts someone's needs before her own
33. She is a planner
34. She is a list maker
35. Mom is a hard worker
36. Mom wants to learn to shoot a gun - we are going to take lessons.
37. Mom is sentimental
38. Likes to use nicknames
39. Isn't afraid to try new things
40. Is a memory maker

 41. Mom likes plants. She has kept a Christmas cactus alive for several years.
42. My mom makes me smile
43. She is always thinking of others
44. Mom rarely sits down
45. Mom like to keep things simple and down to earth
46. She is strong
47. Mom has fifteen grandchildren
48. She waited a long time to be Grandma and was almost 50 when her first Grandchild was born.
49. Has a favorite bathrobe
50. She can still give the "look" when needed. Yes, there are time it is needed.

51. She likes to watch Duck Dynasty
52. Mom makes a great meatloaf
53. She has cute ears
54. Is particular where she shops
55. Mom is always prompt
56. Mom is a list maker
57. Mom learned to use a computer and ipad
58. Mom always made us sugar toast when we were sick
59. Mom always makes Dad lunch to take to work
60. She has many sayings that my Grandma used to say like, "Dag nabit", "I can't have nothin!", "well, they can get glad in the same pants they got mad in".

61. Bambi and Lady and the Tramp are two of Mom's favorite Disney movies
62. Dad calls Mom C.R.
63. Mom doesn't care for Italian food
64. Mom and Katelyn have an annual date at the local festival
65. She likes to go for long walks
66. Mom used to change the furniture around a lot. Dad would have to turn the light switch on to see where the bed was before he tried to lay down.
67. Mom used to Macrame
68. She always says, "crumbs have no calories".
69. She likes pecan waffles
70. Mom is our Treasured Gift from God. We are Blessed!

Happy Birthday Mom, We LOVE YOU!

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