Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy 55th Birthday Randy!

December 2 is the 336th Day of this year. It is also my Dear Husband Randy's Birthday . . . He turns 55 this year! 

Happy Birthday Sweetie! I LOVE YOU!

55 Things You May or May NOT Know about Randy:

1. He is the youngest of three.
2. He is the only boy.
3. His sisters told him he was adopted - a lot.
4. He was put in a baby buggy by his sisters, taken to the side hill of their house and let go.
5. Randy always had the love of knowing how things work.
6. Randy had a dog named Joe Joe -   Joe Joe the army dog
7. He has always tinkered on things.
8. When Randy was a little boy he wanted to be a garbage man. He said that people always through away really good stuff.
9. Randy visited Israel in 1980 as a gift from his parents. It changed his life.
10. Randy has had a mustache since before we began dating. He has never shaved it off.

11. Randy lived at home until we were married.
12. Randy likes to cook.
13. He actually got me started in cooking. I believe it was life or death, if you know what I mean!
14. Randy does not like spooky movies.
15. Randy built and drove a dune buggy - before we were married.
16. He actually drove it on our first unofficial date.
17. Randy built tesla-coils and used them for demonstration purposes during youth group at church.
18. Randy built sounds systems for church and was a main sound man for many years.
19. Randy worked for a Dairy and called himself a Milk Dud!
20.When Randy and I were dating his three/four year old niece would call him Pooh Bear. It stuck for years and years.

21. Randy does NOT like peas.
22. Randy finds a favorite restaurant and tends to favor it for a long time.
23. He speaks LOUD most of the time.
24. He likes to tease.
25. Randy used to knee-board behind our boat on the river.
26. Randy loves things that plug in - and always has.
27. He loves OLD things - he collects them now.
28. He loves OLD buildings - we have several.
29. He has the memory of an elephant on steroids.
30. Randy had his heart set on Restoring the local High School.

31. Randy can have a fun goofy side with the kids.
32. He has a very gentle side.
33. Randy has a heart of gold.
34. He can be very sensitive.
35. He can also be very Papa Bear ~ if anyone "messes" with his family.
36. Randy is a hard worker.
37. He loves our company.
38. Randy is a Christian and Loves His Lord.
39. He loves pickles.
40. He loves his ipad, iphone and computer.

41. He loves to fish, even in the rain.
42. Randy loves our Cayuga Ducks.
43. He is an early riser.
44. Randy is my Best Friend
45. He loves to teach the boys about things he loves.
46. Randy likes driving his Bobcat equipment.

47. He keeps his Bobcat equipment wiped down and vacuumed.
48. He cannot stand to hear someone smacking their gum.
49. He loves salami and cheese on crackers with butter.
50. Although he worked in a dairy many years ago, he never drinks milk.

51. He gets teased by Katelyn and I . . . a lot!
52. Randy has his OWN language at times. Cracks us up.
53. Isn't a big sports guy.
54. He gets misty eyed when something touches him deeply. I love that about him.
55. Randy is MY man and I am thankful to God for him!

Happy 55th Birthday My Love! Enjoy your day.

We all love and adore you!


Katelyn, Ryan, Cameron, Evan and Cody - the kids

Emma, Mia, Beckett and Seeley Booth - the dogs
Petunia - the hedgehog
Gibbs and Alfalfa - the guinea pigs
Zeus, Apollo, Artemis - the beardies
and All the Ducks

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