Friday, December 13, 2013

First Snow Event of the Season

We have been waiting for days . . . the weather people have been predicting a measurable snowfall for us in Central Illinois. Now, it is here and falling quite nicely. Of course, the boys are excited to get outside to play . . . make forts, throw snowballs, etc.

Here are a few pictures:

On my way to the front porch I walked past this fella . . .
 Finnigan had been put into his kennel, but Katelyn had left the door open for him. While we were watching television tonight, Finn decided he wanted to be with us. He walked right out of his kennel, began quacking and headed to the family room. His little feet slide when he walks on the hardwood, so Katelyn helped him out. There he snuggled all evening . . . chilling with the family.

Just a little side note about the duck. We have been teased about duck poop . . . I want to assure you, we do not allow Finn to poo all over the house. In fact, he is doing very well in that regard and generally poos on a pee pee mat. I don't like germies or poo, so we are very cautious about it.

Now onto snow pictures:

Beckett was wanting to join me outside, so I brought her out and put her at my feet. The pictures are in sequence . . . Beckett doesn't seem too impressed, does she?

I put my hands down to pick her up and she jumped into my arms. Time to go in Mama, the sky is falling!

A few pictures out the kitchen window.

 The lake and the land appear to have become one. The snow is falling moderate to heavy and we are expecting up to 6" by morning.

Time to head to bed and snuggle up.


Cindy Cain said...

Ah...the best kind of snow, fresh and white *_*

Julie said...

Until the boys are playing in it! lol

ParkerMama said...

You are truly blessed. xoxo

Julie said...

You are so right Tammy!


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