Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finnigan the Duck

Finnigan the duck is settling right in to his new life. 

Finn enjoyed the day outside in his pen. The kids have added more hay to the pen since this picture was taken. He had plenty of room to hang out and the little house for resting in. 

After school/work, I went outside to get Finnigan to bring him in the house. He was waiting and watching. I opened the pen, walked right up to him and picked him up. He was ready to head inside. 

Once inside, he checked out the guinea pigs and the dogs. The dogs and Finn are beginning to come to an understanding. They were nose to nose with each other at one point this evening.

Katelyn arrived home and enjoyed a little one on one time with Finn.

 His coloring is so beautiful!

Finn and Katelyn chilled out for a while. Finn took a little duck nap while Katelyn rested.

I love this picture - it looks like Finn is hugging Katelyn.
He put himself like this.

 He lays his head on Katelyn's shoulders a lot.

It is definitely a Duck's Life!

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