Saturday, December 7, 2013

Finnigan the Cayuga was Rescued From the Ice Today - Pictures

This morning we were thrilled to see the Cayuga Ducks walk across the newly formed ice and head home to eat.

 It was frigid outside - 18 or 19 degrees and breezy. Needless to say we were thankful to be inside.

This afternoon we all chilled out and took a little nap. When we woke I was in the kitchen, looked out the window and saw a duck all alone and stranded on the ice. He was trying to stand, but couldn't get on his feet.

 Poor fella tried and tried to get on his feet, but could not.
 Some of his Mallard friends went out on the ice an lay. I thought it was really sweet that they didn't want him to be alone.

 It was brutally cold outside.

Randy called a dear friend to help with the duck rescue.

 They hooked a bunch of poles together and a pool net on the end to get long enough to reach the duck.

It took several swipes with the pole/net combo to push the duck toward the shore. Finally, he was within reach.

Katelyn grabbed him and held him close. He immediately put his head up by her shoulder. We covered him in a blanket and took him into the house. He couldn't stand and was worn out. We brought Seeley's dog kennel into the kitchen, lined it with pee pee pads, added food and water. Then we taped the ducks legs so he could stand on them if he wanted. He was pretty tired and weak.

We gave him a while to recuperate before checking him again.

Tonight we are happy to report the duck has taken off the tape from his legs and is walking on his own. He has been upright, had little duck rubs and growled at the dogs (he sounds like darth vader), has ate, chilled with the family and now in the kennel for the night.

 He is a big fella and doesn't mind being petted. He also like to be talked to. He sounds like he is saying "duck duck". He repeats after Katelyn. While Katelyn was rubbing him, he laid down, tucked his head down and closed his eyes. He was comfortable and not afraid.
Sleep Well Finnigan.


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