Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 26

December 26, 2013 ~ I wonder how many people took down all of their Christmas beauty?

Everyone in our home slept in this morning. It was wonderful! After a late, late breakfast we began taking down our beautiful Christmas decor. Time to get the house back to normal. 

The boys all jumped in to help me and Katelyn headed to the Urgent Care. She began not feeling like her allergies were kicking in the other day and began treating them. This morning she was feeling worse and headed off to Urgent Care. She had about an hour wait - apparently, they were the only ones open in town. Katelyn was complimented on her "scent" and knew it was the "signature JuJu scent" as she didn't wear any perfume today. She said she chuckled a little bit and then was complimented on her attitude and courtesy. Yes, this Mama is proud! The doc said Katelyn has an upper respiratory infection and aggravated Asthma. She was prescribed Prednisone, Zpack and cherry tussin, along with plenty of rest and fluids.

The boys and I tore into the main floor and ended up with the foyer, the library, the piano room and family room un Christmas decorated AND cleaned top to bottom. It was a feat and we are totally tuckered out. Tomorrow we will clean the kitchen, pantry, laundry room, mud room and two 1/2 baths - all on the main floor. Shouldn't really be too bad. Saturday, we will tackle the laundry.

Randy arrived home from work and chilled a little bit before heading out to pick up Burger King as the boys requested. Our evening should be quiet now until bedtime. The boys are EXHAUSTED and so am I.

Ryan now has his own email - I apologize ahead dear family for the multitude of text messages and emails you may or may not receive. I have received multiple since sitting down to write this post. I have to chuckle a little - my boy is growing up!


Cindy Cain said...

I babysat my 3 K's today. They just left and I'm worn... Off to work tomorrow so hopefully some cleaning and putting away on Sat. Whew...busy season, plus I've had pneumonia this week :D

Julie said...

Cindy, I am sorry you had pneumonia! That is horrible!Sorry you have to head to work tomorrow! Be Safe!

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