Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 9 of Christmas Vacation and continues to Day 10

Day 9 of Christmas Vacation . . . 

Cody was feeling a little better today - he still fell asleep for a nap, twice. He kept down yogurt and seven up - he has a canker sore inside his mouth that makes it hard to eat. He wanted a burrito tonight and that was a mistake. It wasn't long and he lost that burrito, but then felt better after.

Two of the dogs have horrible gas. We ran out of "their" food and are eating a different brand - BIG mistake! We certainly won't make that mistake again! Sheesh - Courtesy Spray Please!

The temperature was warm today, so Finnigan spent the day outside in his pen. He paced and quacked ~ I think he was actually BRAGGING to his duck siblings about all of the spoiling he has been getting. They didn't even go up to the pen to see him today . . . they are probably put off with his bragging. Ducks can be sensitive.

Ryan has learned the fun of texting. He has a new ipad and Mom let him have a little more "rope" with it. So the boy has been texting me and Randy . . . a lot! He even tried a little Facetime with Daddy while Daddy was at work ~ (I thought it was funny! Randy said all he could see was Ryan's face staring back at him when he answered his Facetime.) My boy is growing up.

Katelyn seems to be on the mend and is more herself. I pray she recovers quickly and completely. 

Day 10:

Slept in this morning - it was easy to do since the sky was dreary. It was wonderful and when I woke, I enjoyed coffee and ipad in bed. I followed that with listening to Matt Chandler from the Village Church ~ amazing God following man. If you haven't listened to him, I encourage you to either go online or download the Village Church podcast. 

The kids decided it was time to spend their Christmas money. I am thankful that I could take care of that from my computer . . . however, I have little boy shoppers that simply cannot decide what they want. I finally had to set a time limit . . . 5 more minutes and we are done . . . after waiting for him to choose for like 20 minutes. The good news - they finally completed their purchases and we didn't have to go out in public to take care of it. Not that it is awful or wrong to go out in public, but the GERMS are incredible and we certainly do not need any more illness in our home.

Little Miss Hedgehog met Mr. Duck this morning - yep, bill to quill! They decided to just ignore one another. Emma followed hedgie around barking after her for 1/2 hour . . . shamie Emma. The other dogs could care less about the hedgehog.

Cody is doing much better this morning . . . Praise the Lord. Katelyn received a call from Urgent Care checking on how she is doing . . . I thought that was really nice. She is doing much, much better . . . Praise the Lord #2.

Now, I am off to enjoy the remainder of the day . . . relaxing.

Have a great day!


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