Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Vacation Day 3

Max the elf has not been mentioned the past few days . . . he hasn't moved around much in the past week. I suppose too many things are flooding my brain. Only two nights more nights to hide him and then he will be gone once again until next year.

We have plenty of ice at our house so the boys have not been outside in a few days. It definitely would be nice to send them outside to play ~ boys have a LOT of energy.

Finnigan DID go outside to play today . . . he had a few visitors!

First, the Mallards decided to come up into the yard.

The Cayuga ducks soon joined them.

They went all the way up to the new kennel to see Finnigan.

 It appears they had a little conversation before they went back to the shoreline.

Finnigan enjoyed his time outside and quacked most of the day. I am certain he was letting his siblings know of the wonderful hospitality he has received. 

Tonight is to reach single digit to minus digits in the wind chill category. Tomorrow's temps are to continue to fall and will be dropping to single digit temps and -8 below windchill. Brrrrrrrrr!


Today Daddy was at the helm and this mama had the day off. I slept in very late, enjoyed coffee and chilled out for the day. Daddy had everything under control throughout the day and even got the boys to tidy up their rooms from their weekend fun. 

I am so thankful for a day off from everything . . . I am certainly spoiled and love my man to the moon and back!


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The Whitakers said...

What a wonderful day! Good for you Julie! Everybody, especially hard working mommys need a day off every once in a while! : )
Love ya, Kristi : )

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