Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Vacation Day 2

The days are ticking down to Christmas morning. I am so very thankful we are pretty much prepared for Christmas. Gifts are wrapped, decorating is done and my car has been loaded with the first Christmas party.

Today was a bit of a challenging day with the boys. They were intolerant of one another for a time today. Tomorrow I am not going to allow television or Wii for any of them unless Daddy or Katelyn are watching something and they would like to sit quietly and watch.

Finnigan the duck continues to do well and in fact has been a little sassy the past two days at bedtime. He absolutely does not want to go into the kennel we have for him at night. He begins quacking, flapping his wings and even nipping. Tonight he decided to nip me on the neck, so he got into a bit of trouble. I told him no and then held him on his back for a few minutes as I talked to him. Katelyn rubbed his bill and I held him so he could not get up. After a few minutes, he was calm and even began to fall asleep. 

Tomorrow will be a bit nicer than today, so he will enjoy some outside time.

I will be making two or three small lists for our Christmas Celebration needs that couldn't be picked up prior to Monday, nothing too large. Whew!

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