Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Vacation Day 1

Everyone has turned in for the night . . .

The house is quiet, except for the dogs, guinea pigs and of course the duck. He is in the "dog" kennel for the night but is quacking away as if he is trying to tell me something.

This morning we were pleased to see that all five of our Cayuga ducks had made their way home. It was so nice to see those black ducks eating their corn down on the shore of the lake. Katelyn made a trail for them up to the 10x10 kennel shelter we have for them. We don't want to scare them, simply entice them to enter by leaving a nice supply of feed for them. If we can get them inside, then we can close the door to the pen and keep them safe for the winter. I have prayed they would find their way home and this morning my prayers were answered. 

Today was a great first day of Christmas vacation. The boys played well for a long time, but then disagreements began and I declared it nap time for the ones involved. The other two went quietly to their rooms. 

When nap time began, Finnigan the duck and Emma our Lhasa Apso were sharing the furry little doggie mat. This was the first time we have noticed them "sharing".

When we woke from our naps, we found Finn had moved . . .

Finn was snuggled in at the foot of Cameron's blanket and had been sleeping with him. Seeley was laying next to Cameron and Mia was on her little suitcase bed.

 Everyone is getting along today with the duck. The duck has chilled and isn't afraid of the dogs. Beckett is as close as I have ever seen her to Finnigan without growling at him and Finn huffing at her. 

This evening we all sat down together and watched the movie The Lone Ranger - the newest version. It was good and had many funny parts.

This weekend's forecast is pretty ugly for our area . . . Freezing rain and ice. Should make for an interesting weekend.


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