Saturday, November 23, 2013

We Traded Katelyn . . . For Three

This morning I traded my 20 year old Katelyn for my three nieces, ages 14 and 12 year old twins. 

Katelyn, my sisters Jeanette and Janeie plus our Mom all went shopping. I decided the three girls and I would have a lil' baking day. 

Let the games begin!

Gather ingredients and READ the directions.

Watching the butter and sugar cream together.

 Butter and Milk . . .
then yeast.

 Everyone is busy.

The twins were all about poking the squishy bread dough.

The hedgehog was out running around. We later found her in Ryan's STINKY boot.

 Eggs were hard boiled and peeled.
They did a really good job . . .
Cody helped.

Mia and Beckett were watching the action.

I made sure the girls knew that we clean up as we go.

The came up with a motto: "A clean kitchen is a Happy Kitchen!" 

Rolling out bread dough.

Sugar and Cinnamon is sprinkled on top.

Roll it all tight!

 Sugar cookies are ready to cool.

Sis is trying out the Silicone oven mitt.

 Time to decorate .  .  .
we cheated a little on frosting.

Cody was in a daze while watching.
 Learning to use the Kitchen Aid Mixer.

Another loaf to roll out.

and more sugar/cinnamon mixture

now, the third loaf

 The girls were all about the decorating.

The bread dough had risen twice and was ready to put into the oven. So, I told one of the girls to put an egg in the small bowl.

That is exactly what she did . . .
Now I know to make sure to specify that I wanted the egg out of the egg shell next time. 

The egg was mixed with a little milk and then brushed on the top of the beautiful bread dough.

Forty minutes later . . . 

 Pure Beauty!
Plus the bonus of the fresh baked bread aroma in the house.

We had a great day.

I think I wore them out!

I know I am ready to put my feet up.

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