Sunday, November 17, 2013

Today a Tornado Hit Central Illinois . . . Devastation!

We were enjoying a nice morning at home when the winds became picking up. I stepped out on our main floor deck and was about blown over. The skies were darkening and winds were strong. Within minutes the sky was blackening and the clouds were visibly rotating. We looked at the lake ~ the ducks and geese were all gathered into the center of the lake. They were struggling to stay in one spot, but were all facing the same way.

Katelyn, Randy and I were in the kitchen enjoying coffee when my telephone rang. I am signed up to receive weather bulletins through my telephone from Jim Cantore. I answered the telephone and immediately heard a tornado warning was issued. We yelled for the kids to go immediately to the basement. We grabbed the dogs and were all heading down the stairs when the Tornado Sirens began blowing.

Once downstairs and knowing the kids were safe, Randy and I headed out on the patio to watch the storm. The clouds were turning and each second were picking up speed. It was then we heard a ROAR. I took this picture at that moment:

The winds were so strong they could blow a person off of their feet. We headed back inside with the kids and waited. The sky did not turn green - simply dark. Within minutes we saw pictures of our City . . . 

This photo was taken close to downtown Pekin.

Our business buildings are within a few blocks of this photo.
I did not take these photos personally - they were posted by friends and friends of friends on Facebook.

This storm was the beginning of the devastation that took place today. The communities in the path of this storm have suffered horrible and unspeakable damage.

 The police have enacted a Curfew for the areas affected by this tornado. They are asking people to stay away. The National Guard and other community Fire Departments, Rescue Crews, Police, are banding together to search for survivors and help those trapped in their homes. Homes were evacuated due to gas leaks and danger.

Part of our City has been barricaded . . .
absolutely no traffic is allow to enter. However, I have heard the Police are letting people into their homes if they are safe.

Please Pray for all those affected.

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