Monday, November 18, 2013

The Aftermath . . . Tornadoes

Today the Governor of Illinois visited Central Illinois and viewed the devastation for himself. He then declared counties including Tazewell County - State Disaster Areas. We live in Tazewell County.

This morning the sun rose like any other morning, but for many their "any other morning" routine has been disrupted . . . ripped away from them during the Tornadoes of Sunday. Illinois had 40 tornadoes alone, there were 80 in the State.

Search and recovery efforts have been concluded . . . everyone has been accounted for. Praises to God above! The tornadoes could have killed so many people, but Sunday morning found many people in church.

The devastation of Washington and Pekin Illinois has been reported on National News channels. It is so strange to see neighborhoods in our City on National news. 

The tornado that hit Washington was rated an EF-4. I have not heard the rating of the tornado that hit Pekin.

Over 200 homes in Pekin were damaged by the tornado, 75 of those uninhabitable. The numbers in Washington are more devastating,  at least 400 homes were destroyed.

Electricity was a problem for many in the area. Over 100,000 were without electricity at one point. The electric company employees have worked hard and long and tonight there are only 15,000 or so that are still without power.

People are coming together to help one another. Neighbors helping neighbors, family helping family, strangers offering help, donations, food and more.

I am attaching links to photos of the tornado are below: 

and video from a helicopter: 

Please continue to Pray for Pekin and Washington, Illinois.


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