Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Prep

Today, our kitchen is rockin'! We have been busy most of the day and have accomplished almost everything on our list. Yes, I am a list maker ... my kids are too! 

We began our day with Katelyn and Ryan headed to the grocery store to pick up the "little things." The three youngest and I thoroughly organized our pantry . . . a once a month chore in our house. We were just finishing when Katelyn and Ryan arrived home.

Katelyn wasted no time in getting pie dough made and rolled out. Apples sliced and pies all put together and in the oven. Four scrumptious yummy pies are sitting on the kitchen counter just waiting to be dug into.

 Awesome, Right?

We also have BBQ meatballs all ready to throw in the oven tomorrow. The meatballs are so pretty with the gorgeous BBQ sauce on top. Can' wait to smell them baking tomorrow.

 I brought out this little beauty . . .

 Inside is creamy, cheesy oh so delightful Broccoli Rice Casserole!

 It is all ready to pop into the oven tomorrow - along side the BBQ meatballs and get all bubbly and slightly browned in the morning.

Mr. Turkey is in the oven now . . . he had to wait his turn. We had both ovens busy today.

I am so THANKFUL for Katelyn and Cameron and all of the help they gave me today. Cameron asked if he could help in the kitchen and I certainly won't tun down help in the kitchen!!! We enjoyed putting dishes together. I love teaching my kids how to work in the kitchen and they love being "chefs"! Tomorrow will be the first time I will teach Katelyn to make giblet gravy ~ Pioneer Woman style!

The kitchen is all clean and tidy and this Mama is worn out. It is time to kick back and enjoy all of the happenings at my house.



Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Lots of yummy food and those pies look great. I hope ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Julie said...

Thanks Jenny - you too!

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