Saturday, November 2, 2013

Setting Back Clocks is a BIG Deal at our House

I have to start off tonight with this photo of Emma. Emma found herself a lady bug, would paw a little at it and then stare. It was really fun to watch her.

When you love clocks like I do, the Fall Back or Spring Forward chores can take a little time. 

I decided to take a picture of every clock on the main and upper floor of our home. I will leave the basement clocks to Katelyn.

Starting in the kitchen:


Family Room:

Piano Room:



Main Floor Bathroom by the laundry room:
 My little photographer was caught in this photo - check the mirror.

Laundry Room:


Main Floor Bathroom by the Library:

Master bedroom:
My lil' camera bug caught Daddy in bed.

A.M. Kitchen/Sitting Room:

Master Bathroom:

 I counted up 38 clocks between two floors of our home. Not including alarm clocks next to beds - which would be five more and one in picture that blurred horribly. 

I took this little photo that makes me smile and feel so peaceful.

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Julie O said...

In Phoenix, AZ, we do NOT switch time for daylight savings, so it's interesting to hear the stories of those that do.

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