Monday, November 11, 2013

One of THOSE Mornings

Has it been "ONE of THOSE mornings for you"? You know the type I am writing of . . .

  • the alarm didn't go off and now you are late
  • the electricity went out and your head is wet - now what?
  • the dog poo'd on the floor and you FOUND it
  • the kids can't find their shoes
  • you forgot to put fuel in your car
  • you are out of coffee
  • your wireless is out
  • you dropped your breakfast down your shirt
  • you forgot a meeting you had scheduled 
Life is full of the above . . . although those things can be irritating, things could be worse.

So, be thankful for those "little" things that come your way. God just may be detouring you a bit to keep you out of harms way.

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