Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let the Holidays Begin and Happy Birthday Mia

Home School is now out for Thanksgiving Vacation. The kids are beyond excited and the house seems to be shaking with craziness. Daddy had a guys night out with friends at a church event, so that left me with the kids and creatures.

We began our evening with the movie Snow Day. Screams and howls of delight reached every corner of our home. I chilled out in the library of our home trying for a little bit quieter place. While the kids were busy I ordered from our favorite pizza place. Katelyn arrived home on time and within 20 minutes or so the pizza arrived.

Dinner was pretty quiet . . . which happens frequently when pizza is on the menu. Chewing, smacking and napkins wiping BBQ wings from little boy faces and fingers. They ate and ate and ate a little more. Finally all were finished and tidied up so we could push PLAY on the next movie for the evening . . . ELF. It seems the Holidays cannot begin until the ELF movie has played. The boys hooted and howled at all of the funny moments. There were a few ewwwwwws heard as well during the gum pickup part of the movie.

After the movie I decided to try a little experiment in the oven. I thawed puff pastry dough and filled it with chocolate chips and marshmallows. The house smells delightful ~ I just hope it all bakes fine. I am sure however it turns out, the kids will eat it simply because it has chocolate in it. 

The boys are now stalking the kitchen. I have heard several times now that whatever is in the oven smells YUMMY. 

Here it is:

The kids devoured it . . .
they said it was yummy!
A S'more Pastry Puff!

Today is also our Mia's 7th Birthday!
This little girl loves coffee, so Katelyn gave her a little bit for her birthday. We also all sang Happy Birthday to her.

Our Mia loves her family but simply tolerates Seeley Booth. He annoys her and she is not afraid to let him know to leave her alone.

Katelyn is Mia's favorite, although Mama is right up there too.

 Mis loves her little bed . . .
made from a suitcase.
I think teal blue is Mia's signature color!

 Mia is always watching and on our heals when we head outside.
She loves to simply sit and watch.

Mia was front and center with the ducklings.
She learned to herd them around the yard and led them to the lake when it was time for them to swim.
She was their Duck Mama.

Even while out and about on the boat, she always knows where each of the kids are . . . especially Katelyn.

She helps Katelyn with her homework.

Mia and Beckett play well together.
They are good buddies.

 Mia is a character . . .
she "thinks" she looks like Audrey Hepburn.

Happy Birthday Sweet Mia!

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