Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

The usual sounds of Halloween were scarce in our neighborhood last night. We basically were rained out . . . we are talking torrential rains!

Regardless of the fact that the poor little trick-or-treaters needed paddle boats to nab their candy treats, we did give out treat bags to 75 or so. Even Mom's and Dad's got bags . . . we had 208 treat bags ready and waiting.

My boys were thrilled to hand out treats this year - by themselves. Although this mama was there to supervise the event. 

Four boys + 208 treat bags = CHAOS!

We hung out on the porch until 7:00 pm or so - we were out two hours and cold when we finally headed in. There were still some die hard trick-or-treaters that rang the bell until after 8:00, but that was fine.

Photos from our evening:

My Cowboys wait . . .

Robin Hood and "a BUSH"

My "knight"

Ryan is a Paleontologist - his words.

 Time was going pretty slow while they waited.

 Beckett stayed all curled up in a blanket.

 Finally . . .
a Happy little pirate

Mia and Emma watched from the safety inside.

 More clouds rolled in . . .

and then RAIN and more RAIN!

 and then Sis arrived home.

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