Sunday, November 3, 2013


We enjoyed a little sleep in this morning . . . the boys didn't get the memo or maybe they simply didn't understand . . . SLEEP IN DAY WITH AN EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP. It is virtually impossible to enjoy a sleep in with four very active and LOUD boys running amok. 

Katelyn is still in bed. She had a date last night with Grandpa . . . she had a GREAT time and loved every minute. Every girl needs a date with their Grandpa at one time or another.

The boys are busy in the kitchen . . . most mamas and grandmas will cringe at that sentence. BOYS + KITCHEN = DISASTER in most minds. I try to take the approach that they have to learn and why not teach when they are young. They absolutely love to help "cook" although I only allow one or two at a time, FOUR would be . . . well, I will leave that to your imagination.

I received Pioneer Woman's new cookbook the other day. I have already devoured each and every page with my eyes. There are some really wonderful recipes inside those pages!

My youngest son has also been through the pages. After looking through the book he looked at me and said, "there is a lot of recipes in there", "they definitely look good AND did you see the Thanksgiving ones?" That boy certainly made this mama smile! I love that he loves the Pioneer Woman too!


I received this little beauty the other day.

My crew from our photo shoot last week. Love it!


We set up our little duck houses and wind blocks for the Cayuga ducks last week. 

 The houses are insulated and we have hay bales around them. The ducks can come and go as they please.

This morning, Ryan saw SIX Mallard ducks (we wonder if Sullivan and Herridan were in there) and they were inside one of the houses. They were are snuggled in together.  

The Cayuga ducks will have to eventually stake out their territory when the Mallards fly south.

I suppose the Mallards thought we installed Duck Condos!

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