Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Catch Up

The rain is once again tapping at the windows. I close my eyes and listen to the rhythm and smile. It is to rain throughout the night and morning tomorrow. I love hearing the rain, especially at night.

The house is quiet except for a heavy sigh here and there. The boys have gone to bed, but some nights they keep each other going instead of sleeping. 

The Grandfather clock in the foyer played the 1/4 hour chime. I love hearing the sounds of the tick-tock and the chime four times an hour. I remember the first time I heard our clock chime . . . a little over fifteen years ago when we moved into our home. I had always loved grandfather clocks and we finally purchased one to take up residence in our foyer. 

I have begun to upload photos to Shutterfly for a photo book. In the past I have made photo books four times a year for general photos, birthday books and special holiday books. This year, no general photo book was made. I decided that I would begin loading photos from this year so I can get a photo book together. My kids love to pull the books off of our library shelves, sit in our big comfy library chair and engulf themselves in pictures of our past. This one should be a BIG one.

Well, Emma is snoring . . . guess it is time to head off to bed.


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