Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday at Home and Our Cayuga Ducks

Our Black Friday was spent at home. We slept in this morning ~ all of us. The entire day was calm and relaxing. The boys enjoyed just hanging out and doing a little of this and that.

We have been a little concerned about the  Cayuga ducks. Although we know from researching Cayugas can handle the nastiest of winter weather, we were concerned for them. The were staying down the lake by the canal where there was a bit of open water. We weren't sure if they could get out of the water onto shore or not, so Randy and Katelyn went on a rescue mission this afternoon. They arrived across the canal from where the Cayugas were in the water and tried to lure them with Cheerios. They got out of the water and onto the ice, but wouldn't come. The flapped their wings and quacked quite a bit, but still would not come. 

The neighbor that lives right by the canal knew the people on the other side of the canal and didn't think they would mind if Randy and Katelyn tried to get to the Cayugas. So, they tried from the other side of the canal. They basically got right down to where they were . . . Katelyn talked to them and the quacked back. They came up to eat the Cheerios, but then right back to the water they would go. They were very skiddish and their "wild" instincts had kicked in fully. They didn't want touched by a human and let Katelyn know by keeping their distance. 

After feeding them an entire box of Cheerios, Katelyn and Randy headed home. They were relieved that IF the Cayugas wanted out of the water and onto land, they could get onto land like they did for the Cheerios. There is plenty of tree and brush cover there as well to keep them safe from the weather and predators. The temperatures are supposed to begin warming tomorrow, so maybe the ice will thaw so they can swim home. The temperature right now is 34 degrees and it is only supposed to drop to 29 degrees overnight. Tomorrow we should see a high of 47 degrees. 

I will be thrilled to see them again at our house. I have been watching them through binoculars, but that is certainly not the same. We haven't seen Skipper (the white Pekin duck) in a few days now. We are hoping he is in a safe place on the lake.

We trying to decide if we should fence them in like we did when they were younger at the lake. We have a heat source and pump to keep the water from freezing. There they could swim all winter if they wanted. We could fence an area they could be in for the winter which would include their duck condos, the water and a place to roam around a bit. They are hearty ducks  . . .  good size and weight. They are healthy . . . just adventurous. We have read of ducks/geese actually getting frozen into the lake and that is what scares us. The good part is that they stay together, the bad part . . . is they could all get frozen into the ice. 

We are thankful for the warming trend for tomorrow and can't wait to see our black beauties. 

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Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Oh that would worry me to. Hopefully they come home this weekend.

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