Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bean Pots and Memories

The skies were dreary this morning when we woke. I was thrilled we were allowed to sleep in. Apparently, the dreary skies tricked my boys into thinking it was still night. It was a beautiful thing!

Randy decided he should mow the grass and leaves today. We are to have strong winds and possible storms the next two days. Most of the trees have already lost their leaves, so maybe this will be the last mow of the season.

The boys were busy with "boy stuff" this morning. The Wii, Lego and building things kept them busy. They are now outside wrestling while they can. Wrestling is a BIG part of little boy lives.

Katelyn is busy working on another art project for school. They come one after another and are very time consuming.

Laundry has been started and should be ready to switch to the dryer soon. I try to keep up with the laundry on the weekends as I hate to see it piling up. The boys are growing so fast, it is hard to keep track of who is wearing what. The other night I overheard Randy asking one of the boys if they were wearing the "right size" as it looked like he was wearing his little brother's jammies.

Beef, Barley and vegetable soup sounds really good for tonight's dinner, so I put a roast in the pressure cooker. I absolutely LOVE my pressure cooker. It is a modern one and has all of the safety features. The lid will absolutely stay locked until all of the steam has released from the pot.

I wish you could smell how wonderful my house smells! A nice dinner of soup with warm bread is sure to fill those hungry male tummies in my house.

While waiting for my roast to sear, I looked up at the warming shelf above my stove. We use it for large dinners - we turn those heat lamps on after a dish is ready and it keeps things warm. I have pretty things there that I love. One of those things is my Grandma F's bean pot.

Grandma's little brown bean pot makes me smile! I was thrilled to have this little piece of Grandma's things given to me after she passed away . . . it has been 18 years. I am thankful to God for sweet memories . . . memories that come back simply by seeing a little brown bean pot.

Grandma was a small woman in her later years, but no one let her size fool them. Grams definitely let her opinion be known if she needed. Over the years Grandma's little Grandma-isms have been part of my life. I find myself, my sisters or my Mom saying them from time to time. 

Over the years, I have added a few pieces to my little collection.
I found this little kitchen timer and absolutely love it. Just that little touch of red makes me smile. 

My pressure cooker is working away. I love cooking in my kitchen ~ plenty of space to cook and bake.

The pressure cooker has done its work, now onto the big pot for a cook with the veges! Simmer away, simmer away.

The skies are growing darker - rain has arrived. The kids are in the family room watching a Man of Steel. The house will be quiet for a while.

I love Saturdays.


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