Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Difference

What a difference a week makes. This time last week we were checking in with friends ~ making sure everyone was safe from the tornadoes that ravaged our area. The temperatures had started off VERY warm for this time of year and then cooled a bit after the tornadoes. Today, we woke in the FRIGID ZONE! The temperatures this morning was 18 DEGREES and the wind chill much colder. As I write, the temperature is 23 degrees, but add in the wind chill and it feels like 12 degrees. It is a stay in the house and snuggle by the fire kind of night.

We enjoyed a slow and calm Sunday. I think everyone enjoyed our day. This afternoon we tried for mandatory naps . . . not sure how many accomplished this, but the house was quiet for a few hours.

Katelyn and Cameron assisted me with Christmas Cards. This is the FIRST time ever our Christmas Cards were all in envelopes and labeled BEFORE Thanksgiving! Christmas gifts are all purchased and I am thrilled to be "ahead". I know that when many are out in the craziness we will be home and enjoying our month of Celebration. 

Only two days of school this week and we will be getting ready for Thanksgiving. We are excited . . .  I overheard them talking about the DAYS OFF a little bit ago.

We are experiencing a battle of the dogs VS Mom. I want them to eat more dry dog food as the canned gives them horrible gas. Little Beckett and Mia enjoy canned Science Diet. We also have a bowl of dry food out 24/7 for everyone. Emma and Seeley aren't fond of the no canned food experiment, but our noses are thanking me! lol
 I am also going to begin giving them a Probiotic . . . hopefully it will assist with the "ahem, issues" too.

Cody was going through Shutterfly books . . . He can't seem to find his Kindergarten Graduation book. Apparently, it slipped my mind. I guess I have a lil' something to do over Thanksgiving break. I can't believe I didn't make him a Graduation Book. Oh Dear!The good news, I have all of the pictures from the K-5 graduation!!!

Tonight we watched a lovely Christmas Movie Angels Sing. EJ and Cody watched it with Katelyn and I. It centered around memories.

Now, it is time for me to make a shopping list for this week. Have you already shopped for Thanksgiving Dinner?


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