Monday, October 7, 2013

Winds of Change

The winds of change have blown through my house . . . much to the dismay of the four little boys that live with me. You see, this past week I have had little to no voice . . . to some it may seem a "Christmas Miracle" . . . to this mama that must have a voice to keep a bit of order and little boys on task, no voice is a BIG problem. 

(Insert . . . the WINDS of Change!)

Tonight, I made a nice big dinner, the kind that sticks to your ribs.
(pun intended)

BBQ Beef Ribs, Garlic Smashed Potatoes, Green Beans
the house smelled delicious! It smelled so good I had four little boys detour though the kitchen from outside and back to outside . . .
a bit of a U turn! I actually thought it was pretty cute!

The kids made all kinds of "this is really delicious" sounds as they were smacking their lips and licking their fingers. Seconds were had by all and there are leftovers. The boys were watching me as I cut the remaining ribs apart to put into the fridge. They were thrilled to see a rack and a quarter of beautifully BBQ'd ribs for another meal.
I continued with clean up and Randy took over the dishes for me.
Is there anything like seeing a man take care of the dishes?
Romance at its finest!

I was finishing the after dinner clean up when I called the boys to come get the garbage out. We have four garbage cans in our kitchen - basically two pull out areas that house two 13 gallon garbage cans each. After I called them, I noticed I was getting absolutely no response from any of them. My next words were said very calmly,
"If I take this garbage out, you will all take your baths and go immediately to bed." You see, I don't think I need to call time after time and get no response. THE WINDS OF CHANGE!
EJ did come into the kitchen and help me with the garbage.
We took the bags to the cans and I found three boxes from deliveries that had not been broken down flat, so I took care of those as well.
EJ and I headed back into the house when I said, "O.k. head upstairs and get your baths and head to bed."

Would you believe I had everyone's attention?

I had one of my sons actually try to argue the situation with me . . .
he was immediately reminded of what I had said and also that he had not broken down the boxes he took outside.
He had just had his bath and so off to bed he went.
Maybe ~ just maybe all of the little boy ears that live in my house will tune in a little more to Mama's voice.

A Mama can always hope!

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