Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Treat Bags for Halloween and Christmas?

This afternoon, three of the boys and I put together our treat bags for Halloween night. We don't go out Trick or Treating . . . too many worries with a peanut allergy, but we do hand out candy and the kids can make up costumes and wear them if they want while we sit on the porch and hand out our treats.

We had a little assembly line going on . . . 
  1. treat bag
  2. smartie roll
  3. smartie pop
  4. one ounce play doh
  5. tie the bag
We had a lot of fun, time to simply chat and enjoy one another. 

 Sorry for the little bit of blur, I think someone has a finger print on my iphone lens.

I also put out a few pumpkins with lights.


 Randy arrived home and asked me . . .
"Aren't you decorating a little too early for Christmas?

My answer - "Well, if I were decorating for Christmas I would say Yes, however these are pumpkins and are for Fall.

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