Monday, October 21, 2013


We woke this morning to pretty cool temperatures . . . and tonight we have a chance of FROST! I am not so sure I am ready for the temperatures to get quite this cold already . . . could make for a very long winter.

This afternoon when the boys were done with school, we headed out to our construction site. I had them all suited up with hard hats and jackets . . . of course, true to self I had on my sandals and capri jeans. I decided to take the boys on a walk around the property . . . I challenged them to count their steps. If their counting was correct, the property is almost a 3/4 of a mile around. Daddy doesn't think their counting was correct and figured it out to be 1.5 miles around the property lines. 

We had Mia and Beckett along for the walk. Mia started off with one of the boys and ended up with me. Poor little thing just didn't want to follow those boys! (I have to say, I don't blame her . . . SHINY! Yep, that is how they roll.)

They finished up their counting and then we took a little drive around in Daddy's little "golf cart" like thing. The boys thought it was pretty cool that Mom knows how to drive it. Mama had her hard hat on too . . . it is orange.

We were all chilled to the bone, so we headed home so I could get dinner started. It was nice to be home where it was nice and warm and the wind wasn't cutting through our bodies.

Randy and I are hoping the weather isn't nasty for a while yet . . . too much construction still needs done before the snow flies.


I am over half done with my Christmas shopping. I am feeling pretty good about it, but know I want to have all of it done within a few weeks. Sometimes, it is really hard to figure out what exactly to get someone. I keep a list . . . it is a MUST. I love it when all of the blanks are filled in.

I do need to work on figuring out our Christmas Card Photo. This is ALWAYS a challenge to come up with a GREAT idea. I will be scouring Pinterest for a hint or two.


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