Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Today has been a rainy, rainy day! We love it though! The kids love it when I make the BIG puddles alongside the curbs splash all over! We DID plenty of that this afternoon.

We are also enjoying the bits of thunder here and there! 

AWESOME crackles and booms!
Once home, the kids went into overdrive - thee were BOXES on the porch and they were so excited. The boys are always excited to see the treasures within the boxes. Not sure today's delivery was too exciting once they opened the boxes, except for the pumpkin marshmallows and the strawberry marshmallows ~ they were a HUGE hit and the boys were even SMELLING them through the package.

While the boys were ripping through boxes, I decided to empty the photos out of my cell phone - (Phone Dump). It is amazing how many photos actually end up on a cell phone. I like to load them to computer every once in a while. Today it took a really long . . . a thousand photos. Here are a few:

How sweet going through photos was! We definitely had a great summer of fun with little creatures.

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