Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Dreams of Many Have Been Shattered

Dreams . . . 

Dreams are a beautiful thing. Most of us dream while we sleep . . . some are beautiful, some are odd, some are just plain crazy.

A Dream can also be something that we DREAM of doing, having, wanting. Tonight, the Dream of many good people was crushed. You see, the old Pekin Community High School has been sitting vacant for many years now. This old building has been vandalized, stripped and destroyed over the years. Yet, the building continues to hold hopes and dreams of the people that attended high school there. So many memories . . .

Former teachers and students are devastated tonight as the news was released . . . the building will be torn down. Many people tried to "rescue her", many rallied together, people tirelessly fought to keep the Old Girl in tact. In her prime, she was Gorgeous . . .

As I look at this picture, I can "feel" the sense of pride of the students. The architecture of the building was amazingly beautiful.

 My heart is saddened to hear this part of the City's history will soon be demolished. 

There were so many dreams associated with this Old building. Dreams of what could be . . . now, we must focus on the memories.

Everyone has special memories that were made inside the walls of West Campus, ask anyone that attended there. 
  • the beautiful staircases
  • the "elevator" pass
  • the girls gym
  • the Leeway
  • going third floor of the English building to the third floor of the original building in 6 minutes time
  • the bonfires
  • the Dragon's Den
  • the P.E. uniforms for girls
  • the lunch ladies in the cafeteria
The list could go on and on ~ so many good memories!

Pull out an old Pekinian year book and remember. Memories are a special gift to each of us . . . future generations should hear stories about PCHS West Campus. Share the Memories!

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Cindy Cain said...

Weren't you and your hubby attempting to buy/save that building a while back? I recall a few posts. Sorry it will be demolished!!

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