Monday, October 7, 2013


Cool Fall weather has arrived . . . We woke to temps in the 40's this morning, which felt a bit brisk according to Randy, Cameron and Evan James. They got an early start this morning and headed out to the property to make sure everything was fine from our latest rain.
While there, Daddy gave them a ride on one of the tractors ~ they enjoyed it thoroughly and when they arrived home, they came through the door with HUGE grins on their faces.

The other boys stayed home with Katelyn and I . . . I continue to nurse a nasty cold that has my ribs and back aching from the coughing. Needless to say I won't be venturing far from home at least until this cough subsides. I am thankful I can work from home if I have something that requires my attention. It wouldn't surprise me if the boys and Randy caught this nasty cold. I did restock our cold supplies for everyone . . . just in case!

Everyone stayed pretty relaxed and inside for most of the day.
The kids watched a little bit of television before I declared nap time just as the Bears came on television. I had the game on low and snoozed a little here and there throughout the game. I would open my eyes to check on the game and then close them again for a while.
I was disappointed that they lost, but had a feeling they weren't going to do well after the Saints scored early on.

I don't follow a lot of sports . . . I don't understand football all the way, but it is a bit interesting to see a bunch of fellas out on a field (sometimes in pretty uniforms) chasing one another for a football.
I do like to people watch and Football People are interesting to watch, both on the field and when they pan the people in the stands.

The boys are entering week SEVEN of school, I can't believe the first quarter will be history in a few weeks. They are doing pretty well and are filling their little brains with knowledge. Bible time is a favorite as they love hearing Bible Stories and two of them LOVE to sing. It always makes me giggle a bit when they belt out some of the words . . . sometimes they get the words a little bit wrong, but it is the trying hard that counts!


The ducks are pretty much fully grown and hang together about 80% of the time. They tend to wander a bit from one another . . . I think it is because they are a bit nosey! Many of the residents around the lake have expressed interest in our beautiful Cayuga's. We are always happy to fill them in on this beautiful breed of duck.

Some people have asked about the ducks and the winter. Cayuga Ducks are native to New York . . . and you know how winters are there!

Although our research has confirmed the Cayuga Ducks are hearty and can survive winters in the Arctic, we have insulated duck houses should they need them. We will also keep a portion of the lake open behind our home in the event the lake freezes over - which happens a few times during the winter.

The Cayuga ducks and the rescued ducks know that they can come to the house and we will feed them. It is interesting, however, that even when we call them to come eat, sometimes they choose not to come. However, they always come by to "say hello". We love seeing them and talk to them when they come by. The ducks are very calm, love to show off and love to be talked to and given treats. However, they do not want to be grabbed, caught or penned up. They are quite self sufficient now and definitely have minds of their own.

Saturday, a family friend used our backyard to have pictures taken of her daughter and friends for Homecoming. I looked out the window and saw the ducks - Cayugas, rescued ducks and the Mallards all "checking out" the action in the yard. Quacks could be heard here and there and I am quite certain they caught the attention of the visitors that were taking photos. I came across this photo on our friends Facebook  . . .

Four of our Beautiful Cayugas!

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