Friday, October 4, 2013


Do you ever feel like you are the only parent in the world that has kids that test them each and every day?

Yeah, Me too!

Parents aren't perfect . . .
our kids aren't either.

Do you ever wonder about those families that never seem to have fussing, sassy words, disobedience or even the "glare"?

You know the ones . . .
Their little world seem to be all neat and tidy 
without a shred of chaos.

Well, let me tell you a little secret . . .
Every family that has MORE than ONE person in it has the some sort of issue similar to the ones that you and I deal with each and every day. Those little issues are all the result of SIN.

We can paint a picture of our homes that is all bright and cheerful, but in all honesty, there are a few storms that pass through from time to time. Raising children is HARD work folks and there isn't anyone who is perfect at it. Parenting takes LOVE, PRAYER, TIME, PATIENCE, GRACE, MERCY & COMMITMENT.

Today, I told my boys to head outside to play. It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside and they had plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine before dinner. The first thing I heard . . . 

"WHY do we HAVE to go outside?"

Of course, I used the old stand-by . . .
"Because I told you to!"
(you knew that was coming, right?)

They were out for a few minutes when they began filing back in one by one. I stopped them and instructed them to turn around and head right back outside. They weren't excited about it, but complied.
A few minutes later I was headed outside to open up the pool for them . . . the pool is heated and so they were thrilled to jump in.

Before long Pizza delivery had arrived and pool time was over. The boys were excited for Pizza so getting out of the pool wasn't a battle.

Once dinner was done, I asked one of my boys if they had taken care of a certain chore . . . he immediately responded in a sassy and disrespectful tone. I immediately asked him what that was about
 . . . he hung his head but didn't reply. Daddy was home, so I sent him to Daddy to sort out the "why" of the response.

My kids aren't perfect . . . but I love them.
I am not perfect . . . but my Mom and Dad love me.
None of us are perfect, but God Loves Us!

Parenting doesn't get vacations or time outs, it is a FULL time job.
Parenting does not always give you the warm fuzzies.
Parenting isn't for Cowards or the faint of heart.
Parenting IS one of the best things in the world!
Parenting is both learning and teaching.
Parenting keeps you on your knees.
Being a Parent = Blessed by God!

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The Whitakers said...

AMEN Sister! Preach it! (ha!ha!)

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