Monday, October 28, 2013

Parenting Boys Is NOT for Wimps

Parenting isn't for wimps!

There are so many people that are awesome at parenting ~~~ Too bad they aren't parents! Non parents always seem to know the answer to every parenting dilemma. However, parenting doesn't become REAL to them until they actually BECOME a parent or are in a parenting position.

I have been parenting for almost 21 years now. My first child, Katelyn has always been an agreeable child . . . and believe it or not, she would tell on herself if she did something wrong. She has always been a good girls . . . except for maybe a few of those two year old tantrums she has always been easy to parent.

Then, God added boys to our family X FOUR! 

Parenting class began again ~ girls and boys are DEFINITELY a different species!

Here are a few things this Mama has learned being a BOY Mama:
  • Never, Ever let plans you have made be known by your children.
  • If the house becomes quiet be afraid, be very afraid! You should move quickly to see what they are up to.
  • "I'm telling . . . MOM!" is repeated over and over throughout the day and evening - No, it doesn't matter if Dad is home . . . they always call Mom.
  • Mom knows where EVERYTHING is . . . just ask my kids. They NEVER ask Dad!
  • If you want a spic and span house 24/7 . . . don't have boys.
  • Boys never pay attention to a wrapper on the floor, unless it has candy inside. They walk right on by ~ apparently boys do not bend in the middle.
  • Plan on buying shoes and jeans often . . . boys tend to grow like weeds on a hot summer day.
  • If you are planning to cook something special and need certain ingredients, hide them or you won't have them. Boys devour food as fast as I can put it away.
  • Boys don't care about clothing size ~ my ten year old will put on his seven year old brothers clothing and then look at me like I am from Mars when I ask him "Whose clothes are you wearing?"
  • Underwear may or may not be worn. Not kidding.
  • Bath time - doesn't automatically mean the boy will use soap. Better take the sniff test after the boy comes out of the bath. Soap to a boy is like sunlight to a vampire (not that I believe in vampires).
  • Shorts in winter and sweats in summer - boys don't care.
  • Boys NEVER are the ones that did ANYTHING . . . it is always the brothers that did it.
  • Boys tend to describe boy parts in words like - balls, wee wee, nards . . . the words balls and nards do not agree with Mama, but Daddy doesn't mind. Just so you know, we had a big discussion about proper words surrounding this one.
  • If one wants a snack, the others will be close behind.
  • Boys are rough and love to wrestle, any time and any place.
  • Boys can smell bacon from the backyard and then they circle the kitchen just waiting for a taste. Better cook plenty Mama.
  • Ask the boys if anyone needs anything from the store - they usually will answer no. However, within an hour from finishing with the shopping they NEED something.
  • Boys do not replace toilet paper when the roll is empty.
  • Boys sniff, pick and scratch ~ even though you have reminded them of their manners too many times to count.
  • Sit a boy down for church and they will have more wiggles than a child with ants in his pants.
  • Boys make up silly things.
  • Boys say things and expect Mamas to understand everything about the subject.
  • Boys fill up during snacks and meals, BUT there is ALWAYS time for dessert.
  • Boys have their own "scent" . . . all boy mamas know this. 
I always say, "God laughed when he made boys!"

I am the Mama to FOUR lively and enthusiastic boys. God made me a BOY mama four times over. My boys never cease to amaze me . . . I love all of my children and I although I have days when I need that Calgon Take Me Away Bath, I am Blessed to be a BOY Mom. Boys love their mama like no other and to hear them say, "I love you Mommy!" never gets old!

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The Whitakers said...

I totally laughed about this post Julie! Yes, I know where everything is (I am the ONLY one who does!)Underwear is optional here, and what is it with the smell of little boys???? you have a great day! Love, Kristi

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